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5 Best Roofers in Wyoming

Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc

Ever found yourself wondering who the top roofers in Wyoming are? Whether it’s for a leaky roof that’s been bothering you through the seasons or a complete roofing overhaul you’re planning, finding the right professionals is crucial. Our team of experts has dedicated hundreds of hours to research, diving deep into the roofing industry in Wyoming to bring you a list of the best. We’ve sifted through countless companies, assessing their quality of work, customer satisfaction, and overall reliability to determine which ones stand out from the rest.

This article isn’t just another list; it’s your guide to the top roofing experts in Wyoming, backed by thorough research and a deep understanding of what makes a roofer truly exceptional. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make an well-informed choice, ensuring your roofing project is in the best hands. Let’s jump into the world of roofing excellence and discover the five best roofers in Wyoming, ready to tackle your roofing challenges with expertise and unparalleled skill.

Casper Wyoming Roofing Company

Your Casper Wyoming Roofer | Breit Roofing

Casper Wyoming Roofing Company stands out as a beacon of excellence in Wyoming’s roofing industry. Their reputation for delivering high-quality roofing services has solidified their position as one of the state’s top choices for both residential and commercial roofing needs. Understanding the essence of your roofing project, they offer tailored solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.

Their team of certified professionals exhibits unparalleled expertise in various roofing systems, ranging from traditional shingle roofs to modern metal and flat roofing solutions. Each project benefits from their commitment to using premium materials, ensuring durability and long-term protection for your home.

Customer satisfaction drives Casper Wyoming Roofing Company’s approach to business. They ensure clear communication from the beginning to the end of your project, providing transparent quotes and comprehensive project management. Their after-service care includes maintenance tips and robust warranties, guaranteeing peace of mind about your investment.

Safety and reliability are cornerstones of their operation. The company adheres to stringent safety protocols, minimizing risks during installation or repair works. This commitment not only protects their team but also secures your property and family during the roofing process.

Choosing Casper Wyoming Roofing Company means partnering with a roofer that values integrity and quality. Their notable projects across Wyoming attest to their capability to handle roofing challenges with professionalism and finesse. Engage them for your roofing needs, and rest assured, your project will epitomize roofing excellence.

Website: https://breitroofing.com/

911 Roofing

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Following the introduction of Casper Wyoming Roofing Company’s exceptional service, 911 Roofing emerges as another competent provider in Wyoming’s roofing industry, particularly noted for its rapid response and versatile solutions in Cheyenne and Ranchettes, WY. Specializing in both commercial and residential roofing, this contractor offers an array of services tailored to address various roofing dilemmas efficiently.

Whether you’re facing an immediate crisis like a severe roof leak or assessing the aftermath of a storm, 911 Roofing’s expertise in full roof replacements and storm damage repairs ensures your property is in capable hands. Their commitment to swift and reliable resolutions makes them a go-to for urgent roofing concerns. Also, recognizing the complications that can arise with insurance claims, their dedicated support simplifies this process, providing you with much-needed peace of mind during stressful situations.

Taking a preventative approach, 911 Roofing also conducts comprehensive roof inspections. This service is invaluable for those in the process of buying a new home or business facility, ensuring that your investment is protected from unforeseen roofing issues.

Their skill set extends across a broad spectrum of roofing types, including shingle and flat-roofing systems. This versatility allows them to cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements, ensuring that your roofing solution is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

In keeping with the importance of quality and customer satisfaction outlined earlier, 911 Roofing upholds these values through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to using premium materials. Their services are designed not just to repair or replace your roof but to enhance the overall safety, efficiency, and appearance of your property. In a state where the weather can pose significant challenges to roofing structures, having a reliable roofer like 911 Roofing can make all the difference.

Website: https://911roofingsolutions.com/

Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc

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At Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc., your satisfaction is a priority. The team of experienced roofing professionals is committed to delivering service that exceeds expectations. Leveraging only the top-tier materials and products available in the market, they guarantee every job is backed by quality you can trust. Unlike other contractors, Built Wright never cuts corners. Each project is approached with a meticulous attention to detail, assuring it’s completed correctly the first time.

Understanding the critical role your roof plays in the protection of your home or business, Built Wright takes the time to ensure every aspect of the project is done right. This commitment to excellence is evident in their comprehensive offerings, which go beyond roofing to include siding, windows, gutters, and more. Whether it’s a new installation, repair, or maintenance, Built Wright’s professionals have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs effectively.

Also, Built Wright stands firmly behind their work, offering 100% satisfaction guarantees. This confidence in their service quality mirrors their understanding of the importance of a durable, reliable roof in Wyoming’s challenging weather conditions. It’s this blend of exceptional customer service, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to using only the best materials that positions Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc. as a top choice for your roofing needs in Wyoming.

Website: https://builtwright.com/

Slade Roofing – Certified Roofer in ...

Following the narrative of excellence in roofing services across Wyoming, Slade Roofing stands out not only for its distinct logo but also for its unmatched service quality. When you engage Slade Roofing, you’re signing up for service that surpasses your expectations in every aspect. The logo of Slade Roofing, a symbol of trust and quality, represents the ethos of a company dedicated to delivering top-notch roofing solutions.

Responsive Services

You’re assured of receiving an estimate within 3-4 business days—a testament to Slade Roofing’s commitment to being as responsive as possible. This promptness in communication reflects the company’s overarching principle of valuing your time and investment.

Efficiency in Execution

Slade Roofing distinguishes itself by promising to tear off and install roofs within just one day. This speed does not come at the cost of quality; rather, it showcases the team’s vast experience and skill in delivering efficient, top-quality roofing services.

Assured Warranty

Your investment is protected with Slade Roofing through a 10-year workmanship warranty on most work. This warranty stands as a pledge of the company’s confidence in its work and its commitment to your long-term satisfaction.

Unwavering Honesty

Transparency and honesty are core to the operations at Slade Roofing. The promise to always tell the truth means you can trust the assessments, recommendations, and the entire service process, ensuring that you’re fully informed about the decisions concerning your property.

Exemplary Experience

Slade Roofing aims to provide a 5-star experience at all times. This aspiration is deeply embedded in every project they undertake, promising not just to meet but to exceed your roofing service expectations. Their approach to customer service, combined with their technical expertise, places Slade Roofing among the best roofers in Wyoming for those seeking reliable, high-quality roofing solutions.

Website: https://sladeroof.com/

Inman Roofing,

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Building on a foundation of trust and quality similar to its counterparts, Inman Roofing stands out as a premier choice for your roofing needs in Wyoming. Established in 1986, this family-owned and operated company has dedicated itself to delivering top-notch roofing services with a focus on residential homes and commercial properties in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and surrounding areas.

Excellence in service and quality workmanship are hallmarks of Inman Roofing, reflecting its commitment to strengthening relationships with customers and employees alike. By honoring commitments and exceeding expectations daily, Inman Roofing has cemented its reputation as a reliable partner for anyone in need of roofing solutions.

The range of services offered by Inman Roofing is comprehensive, covering everything from asphalt shingle roofs to metal roofs. This versatility ensures that no matter your roofing project’s scope or complexity, they have the expertise to handle it effectively. Also, their firm stance against cutting corners and the personalized attention offered by project managers through every step of your roofing project underscores their dedication to client satisfaction.

Choosing Inman Roofing means opting for a company that believes in the integrity of a strong work ethic and high-quality craftsmanship. Their skilled employees are a testament to the company’s ethos of putting clients first, securing Inman Roofing’s place as a top-tier provider of roofing services in Wyoming.

If you’re looking for a roofing partner that combines decades of experience with a heartfelt commitment to its customers, Inman Roofing is your go-to option. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free estimate and experience firsthand the professionalism and quality that Inman Roofing brings to every project.

Website: https://www.inmanroofinginc.com/

Tips For Hiring The Best Roofer in Wyoming

When you’re in the market for roofing services in Wyoming, finding a reputable and trustworthy contractor is crucial. Considering the excellence and reliability of companies like Casper Wyoming Roofing Company, 911 Roofing, Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc., Slade Roofing, and Inman Roofing, you must know how to choose the best roofer for your needs. Here are essential tips to guide you through the process:

  1. Verify Licenses and Insurance: Ensure any roofer you consider holds the necessary licenses for operation in Wyoming. They must also carry insurance to protect you from liability in case of accidents.
  2. Look for Local Experience: A roofer familiar with Wyoming’s climate and local building codes, akin to Inman Roofing’s long-standing presence since 1986, can deliver services tailored to withstand local weather conditions.
  3. Check Reviews and References: Online reviews and customer testimonials offer insights into a roofer’s reputation. Companies like Slade Roofing, known for their commitment to customer experience, often showcase positive feedback from satisfied clients.
  4. Assess Communication and Professionalism: Effective communication is paramount. Choose a roofer who listens to your needs, clearly explains the process, and maintains professional conduct throughout your project.
  5. Compare Quotes: While cost shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, obtaining quotes from multiple roofers, including top-rated ones like Casper Wyoming Roofing Company and 911 Roofing, allows you to compare pricing and service offerings. Remember, the cheapest option may not always provide the best value.

By applying these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to select a roofer in Wyoming who not only meets your requirements but also exceeds your expectations, much like the distinguished providers highlighted earlier.

How We Test and Review Roofing Companies in Wyoming

When determining the top roofers in Wyoming, we undertake a comprehensive review process that scrutinizes various aspects of each company’s operations, performance, and customer interactions. This meticulous approach ensures that you get reliable and unbiased information to select a roofing contractor that meets your needs.

Licensure and Certification Verification

First, we verify each company’s licensure and certifications, an essential step to ensure legitimacy and proficiency in roofing practices. Engaging with entities like Casper Wyoming Roofing Company and 911 Roofing, which hold proper licenses, guarantees compliance with state regulations and industry standards.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Evaluating customer satisfaction plays a crucial role. By examining online reviews and testimonials, especially for businesses like Slade Roofing and Inman Roofing known for their positive client feedback, we gauge overall satisfaction. This assessment includes responsiveness, quality of work, timeliness, and professionalism.

Quality of Materials and Workmanship

Assessing the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship is vital. Providers such as Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc., which prioritize high-quality materials and workmanship, stand out. This evaluation ensures durability and longevity of the roofing projects undertaken.

Local Experience and Reliability

Considering local experience ensures that the roofing company is familiar with Wyoming’s unique climate challenges. Companies with substantial experience in the state, like Inman Roofing, are better equipped to handle specific weather-related roofing issues.

Comparative Analysis and Quote Evaluation

Finally, comparing quotes from various companies allows for a comprehensive view of the market. Analyzing aspects beyond the price, such as warranty provisions and included services, ensures that you’re making an informed choice among options like Casper Wyoming Roofing Company and 911 Roofing.

Through this thorough testing and review process, you’re equipped with essential information to choose a roofer in Wyoming that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

Why Hire a Professional For Roof Repair in Wyoming

When considering roof repair in Wyoming, hiring a professional roofer comes with significant benefits that are hard to overlook. Weather conditions, like heavy snowfall and high winds, can challenge the integrity of your roof, making expertise crucial for repair work. Here’s why you should prioritize professional roofing services for your needs:

Expertise and Experience: Professional roofers bring years of experience to your project. They possess the knowledge to identify the root cause of roofing issues and offer durable solutions, ensuring repairs last longer. Companies such as Casper Wyoming Roofing Company and Slade Roofing have built reputations on diagnosing and effectively solving a variety of roofing problems, drawing from extensive experience in Wyoming’s unique climate.

Safety Measures: Roof repair involves significant risks, especially when dealing with damage from Wyoming’s severe weather conditions. Professionals are trained in safety protocols, minimizing the risk of injury. They also come equipped with the necessary safety gear and insurance to protect themselves and your property during repair work.

Quality Materials: Professionals have access to high-quality roofing materials at wholesale prices, ensuring that your repairs are done with materials that offer longevity and are suited to Wyoming’s weather conditions. This access, combined with their ability to select the right materials for your specific situation, greatly enhances the effectiveness of repairs.

Cost-Effective: Hiring a professional may seem more expensive initially, but it can save you money in the long run. By accurately diagnosing issues and using quality materials, professionals can prevent the need for frequent repairs. Also, their work often comes with warranties, providing you with peace of mind and protection against future issues.

Time-Saving: Professional roofers, thanks to their skills and experience, can complete repairs more quickly and efficiently than the average homeowner. This rapid turnaround is essential, especially in preparing for or following Wyoming’s unpredictable weather patterns, ensuring your home is protected without unnecessary delays.

Considering these benefits, hiring a professional roofer, similar to those highlighted previously, is a wise decision for any roof repair project in Wyoming. Their expertise, commitment to safety, access to quality materials, cost effectiveness, and efficiency stand out as major advantages.


Choosing the right roofer in Wyoming is crucial for the longevity and durability of your roof. With the insights provided, you’re now equipped to make an well-informed choice, ensuring your roofing project is in capable hands. Remember, it’s not just about fixing leaks; it’s about entrusting your home to professionals who understand Wyoming’s unique climate challenges. Companies like Casper Wyoming Roofing Company and Slade Roofing stand out for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. By prioritizing licensure, customer feedback, material quality, and fair pricing, you’ll secure not just a service provider but a roofing partner dedicated to protecting your home. Don’t underestimate the value of professional roofing services—choose wisely and enjoy peace of mind knowing your roof is built to last.

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